Sunday, March 15, 2009

Scavenger Hunt: Knoxville

Updated: (originally posted as incomplete 2/25/09, finished 3/15/2009). This was harder than I thought it would be. I would have liked my shots to be more artistic or if the weather could have cooperated for the past 3 days:) .

So TJ of TJ's Photo Expressions mentioned joining in on a photo scavenger hunt being hosted by NicoleB. I was thinking, Nicole has the upper hand getting to shoot in Hungary at the moment. But that's the great thing about photography. It opens your eyes to the great and unique things around you, where ever you are.

That's why I'm doing this assignment. It gets you to appreciate what's right in your back yard and gets you to open your eyes. I will post what I've got so far and hopefully will finish by 3-15-09, the due date. Feel free to snap along. It doesn't matter if you're just doing point and shoot or creating works of art. It's about SEEING. Have fun and sign up at NicoleB Daily.

I'll bump this back up to a current post once it's done.

1) local currency (plain old ugly American money)

2) local flag (I've been waiting 3 days for the rain to stop to get a shot of a University of Tennessee flag....the rain has not stopped!)

3) local food

4) something rusty (bridge in Oak Ridge TN)

5) local wildlife (The rain has been so persistent, ducks have quit going to the lake, they just hang out in the puddles!)

6) local nature (Sunrise at The Cove)

7) local stamp (Hmmmm all of our postage stamps are not "local", but Alexis used to work in accounting for retailers and suggest a state tax stamp found on cigarettes.)

8) part of your neighborhood (it can be a very small part)
Reflection of sky and tree in the pond in our subdivision.

9) traditional house (John Oliver's cabin in Cades Cove during last week's field trip. Not the best angle but I wanted to show the river rock chimney. This has carried over into the regional modern homes, even the McMansions on golf courses use a lot of river rock.)

10) a local person

11) local weather (Sat 3-14-09)

12) local transportation (Stuck in infinite construction mode, it's been suggested that the TN state symbol be changed to an orange/white construction barrel. I snapped this one from an overpass last thursday when I640 was snarled.)

13) traditional local clothing (Well, it IS TRADITIONAL if you happen to be a HAZMAT worker involved in the clean up of the decades of radioactive waste in Oak Ridge! A comment to a November 2008 article in Knoxville News Sentinel: "My projection is those white protective suits will become the new fashion in Oak Ridge." Shot taken 3-14-09 at AMSE. )

14) night sky (Yacht club taken at 11pm on Lake Loudon under a full moon, TN. 30 sec exp)

15) sunrise (Moon over sunrise at Lake Loudon)

16) local product non food (Electricity - per Wikipedia, the Tennessee Valley Authority TVA is the nation's largest public power company, providing electric power to nearly 8.5 million customers in the Tennessee Valley. It acts primarily as an electric power wholesaler, selling to 158 retail power distributors and 61 directly served industrial or government customers. Power comes from dams providing hydroelectric power, fossil fuel plants, nuclear power plants, combustion turbines and wind turbines.)17) something furry (Ollie the Wonder Chinchilla)

18) something feathery (canadian goose at our pond)

19) a sign of the season (front yard in bloom)

20) a part of you (self portrait self portrait self portrait self portrait)

21) your main hobby (See yesterday's post for how I got my 9 year old to take these shots. First shot was a split second too late as I am already coming down and the rear leg isn't tucked any more. )

22) a local shop (Goody's is/was based in Knoxville, operating some 300+ stores across the south east US. They closed up shop February 28th, putting a lot of locals out of a job.)

23) a local restaurant (The "Full House" is my fave, a tamale in a bowl of chili. I love that it's walk up window service.)

Baker-Peters House was built in 1840 and is now a jazz club and restaurant. Rumor has it the place is haunted by it's namesake.

24) a street sign (near Building K-25 the top secret facility, now being torn down, that developed the uranium 235 used in the bomb dropped on Hiroshima)

25) a local mail box (30 second exposure of my 9 y/o at midnight at our mailboxes last month after a snowstorm, I thought the blurred face made him look like a ghost from A Haunting)


  1. Awesome shots!
    That guy at the mailbox really looks like a ghost from the Past.
    And that moon over the lake sunrise is right out of a dream.
    And I love that rusty bridge :)!
    Glad you joined up!

  2. Some very intersting shots and places. A huge WOW for sky over the lakeside village of Concord, TN.
    Really easy on the eye and inviting.
    Reflection of sky and tree in the pond in our subdivision that was poster perfect. Alot of captures in that one picture.
    Great job!!
    {{{ more ???}}}
    I think I have about 5 so far.

  3. I love the idea of taking local shots. There is so much to see if you really look. The shot of the night sky over the village is beautiful!

  4. What a super sounding project. So many things to cover! That photo of your son is awesome. I really love that one!

  5. The rusty bridge is my fav out of this set.

    I can't wait to see what you take for the food. Maybe something from the big green egg? LoL

  6. Uh, traffic jams suck.
    I love the smell of Hyacinthe, I could sniff it for hours :)!

    Two more days to go ;)

  7. Time is running.
    The Poll is up, but I need the last pics until midnight tonight ;)

  8. I love the Selfie and the action shots :D
    That Chinchilla is sooo cute :D!

  9. Cool shots, I love The Original Freezo sign! And greetings from middle Tennessee, by the way!

  10. Fun shots... I can see how the rain was a negative for the flag, but def positive on the weather pic. :)

  11. I think your son did a great job with the action shots. Better than I could do.

    I wasn't aware that TVA was the largest power producer. We live close to BPA (Bonneville) and it is a pretty large producer, too.

    The moon was my favorite of your choices.

  12. great the self, self, self, self portrait :)

  13. The orange and white barrels have been nominated here in NC as well. But at least in TN they've got a tie-in to UT! Here the colors of the various universities include pretty much every color except orange.

    The mailbox shot is magnificent. Probably my favorite of the lot. But the tax stamp is simply brilliant. Wish I'd thought of it.

  14. Great shots! Glad you could join in. Love the sunrise shot! I really did:)

  15. Chris you have a very creative eye, lens too I must add. I need to follow with giving more thought into my snaps. I really enjoyed yours, really!
    I forgot to finish :(
    But we will do another.

  16. I love your reflection shot. Its very similar to one a took a few weeks back but yours the water is so calm you can not even tell its water. WOW

    I used to live in Northern Alabama in Gurley and your shots really remind me of what I miss of up there away from the all the city rush.

  17. What a great tour! I feel like I came for a visit. :) Love the chinchilla and your unique self-portrait!

  18. Of course I missed this entry. : ) I love all the shots, that one of the towers eer through a tower is pretty damn cool!

  19. This is a wonderful series! I loved many of these shots. The ducks in the puddles, the flower (I'm jealous things are blooming there already)my faves. U did x-cllent.