Thursday, March 12, 2009

Aliens Like Ice Cream

Aliens have landed in Knoxville and I got the shot while at lunch this week!

This is a display on top of Graffix Tattoo located on Central. I have driven by this place at least two dozen times since our offices relocated near this area at the end of October and I have NEVER seen it until this week.

This is my new favorite guilty pleasure, The Original Freezo!
Yep, an old fashioned walk up. You place your order at one window, wait around the pick up window talking to the other customers, and then sit on the concrete tables "out back" (aka, over yonder). Alexis says their milk shakes rock. I wouldn't know, I always go for the "full house", a homemade tamale in a bowlful o' chili.

We had a full moon this week, so I couldn't resist an 11pm run to take some more night time shots.
The final showing for Fundamentals I? It went great. I was very happy with the comments from Tom and fellow classmates. I took all of the votes from your comments from the last post and I am embarrassed to admit, put them in a spreadsheet and tallied them up. Interestingly, the votes summed up either in total or weighted (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) produced the same list and matched my initial picks except for one. The final pictures chosen were:

Now that THAT's behind me, I have to bust my arse to meet Nancy's scavenger hunt by Sunday.


  1. Well, apparently I don't have the same taste as others. I picked one of the four. Keep an eye out for those aliens, you never know when they might sweep you away.

  2. Yeah well I guess my tastes are nothing like the majority! : ) Probably a good thing since I couldnt tell you one technical thing about photography!!! Happy Friday!

  3. Lemme get this straight...there were nekkid green alien women on top of a building and you didn't notice them for weeks?????

    I am loving your photography! I am hoping after the move I can take some are really inspiring me to want to learn some new stuff!!


  4. Colby and Sarah: Subjectivity is such a subjective thing;)

    Stacie: Well, they ARE aliens....I suspect they were using some kind of cloaking device the fist dozen times I drove by.

  5. Yeah I got one of them right! After seeing your spread of magnificent shots, deciding was soooo hard. You're awesome! How about a numbered/signed copy of the boat picture? (please? haha)