Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am so bummed.....

I was playing around with my camera shooting Trevor in the early afternoon sunlight when he mentioned that the chain had come off of his electric scooter and wedged in the wheel earlier during the day.

So we walked into the garage so I could fix his ride. I set my camera onto of the large trash can and got to work. A minute later, the thing fell off of the can, plummeting 3 feet to the concrete floor. No one was even near it. Seeing it on the ground made me feel sick.

It did turn back on, the lens isn't damaged but the body did crack at the hot shoe and built in flash.
So it is off to Nikon for repair for a few weeks and I am left cameraless in the mean time :( :( :( I had definite plans for some specific shoots in the next few weeks plus class is starting back soon. Ugh! Sick sick sick.

I have a point and shoot, but what fun is that? Last shot in the Nikon was this one. I was trying to get him to turn his head a little more to his left to get short side lighting.

Alexis, the most excellent wife that she is, tried to make me feel better by saying, "Maybe we should just get you a new camera body."

Anyone got a D-200 for sale?


  1. omg Chris. THAT is TERRIBLE! : x I hope you get it brand new soon!


  2. Colby- It is under warranty but not a protection plan. The warranty only covers defective materials/workmanship so I'm stuck paying for the repairs. When I get the estimate I'll decide whether to get it fixed or rather to apply that cost to upgrading (it's only a D-60) to something nicer.

    Brandi - I'll take factory refurbished at this point!

  3. I'm sorry to hear that! I can imagine the sick feeling in your gut :(

  4. Ouch! Feel for you hon. Your camera is an attatchment of you. Hope something comes up soon. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. I'm so sorry Chris. I don't suppose you bought the camera on a credit card, did you? There may be some protection/insurance.

  6. Thats terrible! I once dated a photographer who was like a smoker trying to quit when he didnt have his camera with him 24/7 : )

  7. Oh wow, what a catastrophe! I hope you get it back soon.

    I just have a point and shoot, but it'd kill me if it broke. I don't even want to think about losing a really good camera.

  8. I feel your pain. Once I had my Nikon D-50 in my oversized purse up on a counter at the Y and watched in horror as it fell about three feet to the floor. It landed on the lens and from that point on the lens would not auto focus (guess I was lucky) but you can not replace the factory lens! Imagine that! I had to up grade and I love the up grade but very expensive!

  9. Ouch! I am so sorry about your camera! I love the shot of Trevor, though. That is a beautiful pic (of a beautiful boy!).