Thursday, March 5, 2009

Upcoming Exhibit

I won't be entering but will be attending this (mainly because I hate shooting people*). I am looking forward to see how other forms of art deal with portraiture compared to photography.


“Face It”: a Multi-Medium Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Portraiture

Deadline for Submissions: April 10th, 2009

Exhibition Dates: May 1st - May 29th, 2009

Location: Three Flights Up Gallery, Knoxville TN

Three Flights Up Gallery, established in 2004, is presenting a Juried Exhibition of Fine Artwork specifically focused on Portraiture in Contemporary Art. All media and styles will be considered. Selected works will be chosen based on concept, execution, and workmanship. There is no limit to entries, though no more than three (3) works will be selected by any individual artist. Collaborative works by more than one artist are eligible. Submitted works may be considered for future exhibitions.

Please visit for entry forms and prospectus. Contact for additonal information.

*I do hate shooting people only because I haven't practiced it enough. It is my weakest area and I know that means I need to do more of it instead of photographing inanimate objects all the time. We learned a lot about composition last week and posing last night. Hopefully practicing it this weekend will help me "hate it less" :)

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  1. You should totally enter it anyway. That picture with your kid by the mailbozes? Genuis. : )