Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Night Shoot Out

I have been promising for two or three weeks to participate in the Friday Night Shoot Out over at Chef E's TMI blog. Every week I've had a good excuse as to why I couldn't. I couldn't bear to leave another "next week" comment so when I found out this weeks subject was "WATER"....

I was rather bummed. I have been chasing sunsets over water for the past three evenings but have gotten clouded out every night, just when I think I was going to get a purple, orange, pink masterpiece.

So instead, I scrolled through my SD chips and found a few suitable ones from earlier this week when I took Trevor to the park.

Not a great shot because of the exposure, but I love the look on Trevor's face as he is having a ball with some new friends he met.
Speaking of exposure, when I framed this shot, I was thinking how romantic of a shot it was with the couple sharing a moment together. It wasn't until I got home that I noticed the butt cleavage. Sorry's still a nice shot though! Volleyball anyone? Trevor lake side. So see Chef E? I'm not a total lame butt this week:)


  1. They're all great shots. Looks like an absolutely beautiful day to be out and about! (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Ohhhhh, someone in this post is showing some butt! lol, shame on you! Love the frames and subject, even the invasion of privacy :)

    Not sure what next week is, come over, I made brisket tacos...a total yum in my house!

  3. I love the blue of the water in the last shot! and the easy going look on your son's face. it's all so inviting. the volleyball net reminds me of some giant spider web that I've seen. Nice framing with it.

  4. A lovely set of photos. The butt cleavage is funny! It's kind of difficult to avoid these days. It's just poppin' out all over the place! :D