Sunday, May 24, 2009

Graffiti Wall

After visiting the Tennessee Veteran's Cemetery to get some pictures for a Memorial Day post, I headed downtown. It's a veritiable ghost town at 7:30 on a Sunday Morning. It kind of gives you that "I Am Legend" or "Life After People" feel.
I only got to snap a few shots at Market Square before it started raining. Most of them were at the graffiti wall at the Woods & Taylor building under perpetual renovation. I hope you find some of these interesting or at least amusing.

Are you threatening ME, Darwin????

Unofficial Knoxville Visitor's Guide

Apathy or Irony?

Post No Bills just doesn't have the same ring to it.

This one had me chuckling.

Global hot flashes...

Quit staring at me! You're creeping me out lady.


Moaning Lisa and Bloodfartz

Pikachu has fallen on hard times. Time for a "VH-1 Behind The Scenes of Pokeman".

Apples and Oranges

Munch Graffiti

In the key of G

Hope you all are having a good weekend.


  1. I found this strangely interesting. I'm going to have to take a closer look at graffiti from now on. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Oh I love these! There seems to have been a sort of graffiti theme on many blogs I've been visiting recently but this is definitely some of the best I've seen. Nice! I love the creepy staring lady!

  3. I too found it all interesting.

    I think the creepy lady is really a man. Don't know why, but I get that vibe from it.

  4. Geez you sure have some interesting grafitti in your area. that 'Staple Face' one is great but my fave is the Munch graffiti. Fun post!

  5. Your bio photo is the second to last, cool, I was wondering where you took that!

    I love mural art, and that is so far the most creative use of pressed wood :)

  6. Very interesting photos!!! The Pikachu is one that I should show my kids.. they will think that is funny. Oh, speaking of funny, interesting, I can post a comment from my computer here at home, but not from at work... must be the firewalls or something... but your blog is the only one that I am having trouble with... but here I am.

    Lisa (lisita15)

  7. Those are around your town??!! Wow. Interesting and fun. I'm starting to think my town is too clean, too pure, too censored and borderline boring!

  8. I LOVE shots like these! (Insert crappy band here...rofl) :D Love the white face!

  9. I loved ALL of them. hee hee. Very good post. Thanks for the chuckle and the provoking thoughts. You should make this part of a coffee table book about your city. You could make lots.