Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

Shadow Shot Sunday
This weekend is the 52 edition of Hey Harriett's Shadow Shot Sunday, marking it's first anniversary.

Photo Safari
Normally I like to go on my photo trips alone but this time I'll make an exception. Come on along.

I head west, trying to out run the breaking dawn so I can get some sunrise shots at the lakes. (I guess this also counts for SSS with the sun reflecting off the review mirror.)It's a quarter before "too damn early" so Red Bull is a must.
The gear bag is packed....well not exactly "packed" but it is in the car!
The trusty GPS is ready just in case I decide to get "lost" on purpose.
And the weather? Crap. No sunrise this morning.
I don't really like shooting with overcast skies because all of the colors seem muted. I shot for about 45 minutes but didn't really get anything that wowed me. The best I got was the "if" shot from yesterday and this one, a submerged stump. I just liked how minimal it was.

So what about you have any special tricks for shooting in overcast conditions? Do you even bother shooting when it's like that?


  1. Funny but a photographer you should check out Screw Up Texan told me that shooting on overcast days was better for my food shoots outside? Maybe she meant close ups, not sure...but you will like her photography...mixes a little food in too...

    I have gotten some great shots the past week (well I think so), so many I could start a photo blog, but since I have enough, TMI will do...

  2. So where did the great shots of the shadows on the building come from if you "didn't get any great shots"?! I loved the minimalist lump of log too...and yesterday's IF.

  3. I love the planes and light in the first photo, and the stump is strangely fascinating.

    The kid's shadow shots are great! He has a good eye for detail, and with your guidance I'll bet he turns into a real photographer.

  4. Ha, I do the same thing on hockey tournament weekends - red bull on the way to the rink if it's anything before noon.

  5. I’d say it was a successful venture—the stump is pretty cool looking! Love the architecture of the church at the beginning too....of course….the most talent goes to driving and shooting a shadowed self portrait of yourself!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I love overcast days for flowers and plants, and portraits with a reflector to brighten up any shadows.