Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Railroad Depot

Part of our Sunday morning drive took us through the sprawling metropolis of Greenback, TN (pop. 954) where I took this shot of what looked like an old railroad depot.
No color has been added to this at all. I just used selective color by putting a color copy of the picture over a black and white copy. Then I erased the color around the building for the monochrome effect, except on the building.

Anyway, a quick Google check confirmed that indeed this was formerly a railroad depot opened by L & N in 1914. This little town was not much more than a crossroads, I'm drawn to places like this for some reason. And buildings or structures like this fascinate me, because they were obviously once something very special to someone.


  1. We share an affinity for old buildings and barns. I've just about craned my head off my shoulders to stare at an old barn while driving by. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. nice the colors. old buildings ARE wonderful.

  3. We had a railroad station very similar to that one in Muscatine, Iowa, my home town, unfortunately it was leveled in the 60's when the city fathers(dumb asses) decided it was an eyesore.

    My Grandmother and I sat in that station waiting for a train to take us to Florida, what a trip that was for a 10 year old, but I must say, the red sands of Tennessee gave me car sickness. I was also amazed at all the shacks along the route...what a trip!

  4. A vintage building are one of a kind with it's own characteristic that I love.

    So old though stands still as a hardened rock.

    Cheers to you buddy! Have a great Friday...

  5. What a great picture and kind of sad to see it standing there alone. Bet it would have some great stories to tell.

  6. Very nice pic!

    We go down to Greenback in the fall to the Haunted Cornmaze. My kids have a blast there.

  7. I like it. A place with history and character is so much more interesting then same o same we see so much these days. The monochromatic boring of standards.
    Well done~