Monday, November 2, 2009

Wiping Off The Dust In Here

It's been over a month since I've posted here? Sheesh.

I just haven't been shooting much lately except practicing my food photography for my food blog, Nibble Me This.

Football season finally ended for my 10 y/o son's team tonight when they lost in the playoffs. That means no more 2 hour practices 3 nights a week plus games. I'm going to have more time to get back to doing things I want to do, like working out and photography.

I did shoot this interesting hunk of wood in my driveway. The mood matched my mood for the day. Kind of a "crap, summer is over winter is coming, and dang the days are growing very short" kind of a mood.


  1. Nice quality 'Food Porn'... I've always been a fan of beautiful shots of food.

  2. Welcome back. Sheeesh, I started to miss you!

  3. Definitely food porn as it's finest! :-)

    I can so relate to your life at the moment. This is the first year in the last 15 that I don't have one of my kids in a time consuming sport. It's been like a vacation!

    I'm enjoying it while it lasts, my sophomore is threatening to go back to football next year and the youngest is a band geek who will be in high school the following year. I have a few rough years left but boy will I miss them when they are gone. I'm holding on tight to every frustrating, time consuming, precious moment I have with them :-)

  4. Those are some mouth watering food shots, and I like the last shot with the piece of wood. Very interesting, and made me want to go grab a sweater.

  5. Lovely photos as usual, Chris. And I don't know if it's just me, but the apple photo in the middle there is kinda naughty ain't it?

    Oh, it's just me?


  6. yay! I was wondering where you were! :-)
    Love the food porn -- I've been getting SO into food lately, so I understand. Gotta go check out your food blog.

  7. at last!!! you are back. good come back photos!!! i feel a chickenapplesteaksouprice lunch coming on!!

  8. I've been looking for inspiration for photography lately. I love the shadows in the last one!

  9. Great food shots Chris! I might even say it could be your specialty. Welcome back.

  10. Hey Chris, I think you are doing extremely well with your camera. Thanks for dropping by my BBQ blog...I appreciate it very much. I will try your suggestion on seasoning for the salmon. Best to you and your family!

  11. Hello chris this is Pierre in France
    i love your blog with all these great photos keep going on !!
    Cheers from Paris