Monday, December 27, 2010


I blame this post on a horrible movie I saw yesterday, The Fourth Kind.

It was kind of like Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity had a baby with an alien. So when I realized about an hour ago that I hadn't photographed anything today, I got creative (i.e. said "Oh crap! I didn't take any pictures and have nothing to shoot this late at night).

That is nothing that a trip to an 11 year old boy's room can't fix. There you can find things like string, a glow stick and an alien mask. I tied the glow stick to the ceiling fan, swung it and then took 5-8 second exposures trying to get it right.

The funny thing is that bright spot on the "alien's" left chin.....yeah, that's my shirt collar. Aliens wear dress shirts and sweaters, didn't you know?


  1. You are so darn creative Chris! LOL this is creepy too. :p

  2. Same here. A lot of my inspiration for my blog comes from my two younger sisters play area. There is a lot of creativity hidden in there waiting to come out.