Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Years!

These pictures sum up the day. Rain.

Our maple tree reflected in a puddle in our driveway.

Drip drip drip

"Almost Mended"

This morning when the predawn thunderstorms rolled across the valley, I wrote:

The heavy rains this morning are washing away the remnants of 2010 just like the debris of fireworks in the streets. A fresh start.
But after looking at this "formerly broken" spoon holder I realized that isn't totally the case in all situations. Sure it's 2011 and we all want a clean slate. We should strive for that new start but we don't get to skip away from the consequences of our past. Somethings we can't just un-do. You can't just un-break a heart, un-tell a lie, or un-punch your boss in the nards.

Sometimes we just have to do our best to fix the damage in our wake and live with the imperfections that we are left with when things are "almost mended". Except for that boss'd better look for another job.

[For the record, I'm not being mopey or pessimistic. I'm just bored and was thinking that my "cleansing rain" metaphor this morning was overly simplified. It's just a piece of clay dammit.]


  1. It does give us the feeling that we're starting over because it is DAY 1...but it's not really. That's why so many resolutions fail.

  2. ... thought I commented here too but I may be confused. LOVE the picture of the tree in a puddle. Then again I adore a willow tree ... even if your allergies hate it. lol