Saturday, January 29, 2011


In case of fire, pull pin and uh...umm.....nevermind, run!

I have had the flu the past several days but just HAD to get out this morning.  Mother Nature is teasing us with an almost early Spring like weekend.  The skies are blue, critters are scurrying about, and people are out enjoying the break between snowy, icky weather patterns.  I went down the banks of the lake and the first shot I got was of that fire extinguisher buried in the floatsam that is exposed each winter when the TVA draws down the water of the lake systems.  

Self portrait - dayum I'm a tall feller.

Noisy little bird, a kingfisher I think.

Rocky shoreline exposed.


  1. you are so lucky, TN Is so so so so pretty Chris! Love that first one and the one of you and your shadow. :D I actually took a shadow picture of me for the first time ever the other day LOL

  2. Sure hope you are feeling better by now! Just checking out all you latest and greatest here and at NMT :-)