Sunday, February 17, 2013

Highway 116 Road to Nowhere

Almost all of my photography has shifted to food photography.  That's not a horrible thing because my food blog has opened up a lot of opportunities for me.  But I wanted to get back to practicing general photography so I went for a drive yesterday.  

I looked at the map and picked out a back road that I have never traveled, State Road or Highway 116, not really sure, it just showed "116" on the map.  This circuitous route when through some pretty desolate areas through coal mining country.   I definitely need to work on my photography again but this was a start.

The roads were some of the curviest I have seen, including  "The Dragon", the famed motorcycle route in TN.

With coal mines popping up and then leaving areas, there were lots of abandoned buildings to be found.

Fork Mountain Baptist Church, you have to cross a foot bridge to get to it.   Isolated and creepy.

This building might have been an old parsonage?  It's on the church grounds.  

Don't want to know what is under this pile of rocks.

Outhouse behind the church.  Used one of these plenty of times.

The satellite dish caught my eye.  Pretty sure it's not functional, ha ha.
 At this point, it was feeling very eerie.  There was not a soul around but I felt like we were being watched.  Alexis pointed the key fob at the car to lock it (not sure why since there was NO ONE around) and the horn barked, scaring me.

"Don't DO that!" I told her.

Puzzled, she asked, "Why not?"

"The sound will attract Walkers!" I said.  (Walking Dead fans will get that.)

If you veer off the road or hit ice, you can kiss your butt goodbye, it's a straight drop off most of the way.
It started off a nice sunny day and I kept joking that we "had to get off of the mountain before the snow hits" but just as we got home....

So no spectacular photography but it was a good way to get out of the house and it got my desire to shoot going again.


  1. You make me homesick for West Virginia.

    There is a strangeness to the hidden places there, a watchful silence in the hills. You've captured that feeling beautifully.

  2. i think those are some great shots...and love the "walker" conversation!!