Saturday, January 31, 2009

1.31.2009 Frozen Head State Park

(Click on pictures to enlarge for detail)

It was a glorious winter day in East Tennessee today with brilliant blue skies and unseasonably warm temps in the upper 40s. There was no way we were spending the day inside, so my wife, my 9 y/o son and I headed off for a drive with no idea of where we were going. We took a circuitous route of country back roads through six counties and ended up somewhere we'd never been before.

You know you are in for something special when your navigation system literally has you in the "middle of nowhere". Don't you think they should be more colorful in situations like this and just say "There be monsters here" like they did for unknown areas in the old sea charts?
Old railroad bridge in Oak Ridge (A secret city built in the 1940's to make the uranium-235 used in nuclear weapons). As with all photos I am taking while I'm in this class, none of these have been photoshopped except for resizing and the third bridge picture was cropped just to make it even on both sides.We ended up in Frozen Head State Park. Fortunately I had a pack mule to carry my camera gear bag on the hike to DeBord Falls.I felt so alive smelling the forest and hearing the roar of the falls, as we approached. When I first looked down into the gulch and saw my first glimpse, I KNEW this was going to be something special.
I took advantage of this trip to practice the shutter speed/aperture skills I learned in class this week. Self portrait using the 10 second timer.North American Tail-less Monkey in a tree. I should have used a shallower depth of field on this one but I was so caught up in the moment.I still have SO much to learn, but looking at these when I got home, I can say I am no longer a guy that takes pictures....I'm evolving into a photographer.


  1. Beautiful photos. Strange-looking pack mule. I've seen a North American Tail-less monkey before. Actually, she lives with me.

  2. These are just wonderful! I am more and more proud of you each time I see a new photo you have taken. The waterfall is stunning.

    Trevor is so darn precious. I bet he enjoyed hanging out with you guys today. : )


  3. i found where ansel adams was hiding!

  4. Chris, you have a good eye for photography, that's for sure. Your photos are beautiful. I especially like the one of the stream dancing down the hillside in little waterfalls. And that's a darn cute monkey you have there, too.

    Thanks so much for stopping by at mine.

  5. Wow, yes you are (turning into a photographer). So glad I found you and of course I'm linking to you because we have this wonderful online community (HAHAHAHA).


  6. No fair I don't get to have any beautiful water falls to shoot. lol. Awesome, and beautiful photos, Chris.

  7. So this is where youare! I found a comment on Judi's blog and traced you here. As for pulling the plug on your other blog....? I thought something happened to you.

  8. I should say so! These pics are awsome Chris! I lvoe them!
    ps...don't leave that southern living laying around and you won't have to worry... :P

  9. Wow wee! I knew you were a good photographer but I had no idea. I've been hit & miss on my blogging but I'm glad I didn't miss this site.

  10. I like your boy, he is very photogenic. I have been very focused on expanding my capabilities in portraiture for the last year or so. I love the way you have the waterfall outlining your head in your self portrait. It lets you jump out of the image more. The shot of the boy, IMO, has too many rocks to his right. I personally, might take one step to the right and separate the rocks from his head. Just a variation to consider. Might have worked, might not have.