Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Late Night Street Lights

This was another first for me as a developing photographer (ha ha, I said "developing".....oh, I kill myself). I've never really shot much at night when I used Auto mode because it always involved flash photography. The pictures were okay, not overexposed (sometimes) but they were just snapshots. Now I get to try my hand at some long exposures, something a little more artistic.

It was a quarter til midnight when Trevor (9 y/0) and I left the house, bundled up to face the biting cold night air. The frozen snow crunched like grinding rocks as we walked down the street. A light fog had moved in so I was hoping to get a few moody or eerie night shots.

As always, click the picture for a better view.

This was a shot of my neighbors house. I thought the back lighting of the craggy old tree in the mist was eerie enough. [f36, 30 seconds, 55mm, 0 ev comp, 400 iso]

I intended this to be a throw away shot because I knew Trevor couldn't stand perfectly still for a 30 second exposure but in the end I liked how it turned out, blurry face and all. I changed it to black and white. I thought it had an Oliver Twist-ish kind of feel to it. [f36, 30 seconds, 55mm, +2 ev comp, 400 iso]

Yeah, it's just a floodlight in a yard, but I liked the starburst effect from the light and the bright white light on the trees. [f36, 30 seconds, 55mm, +2 ev comp, 400 iso]

Another back lit tree....one trick pony, huh? [f32, 10 seconds, 200mm, +2 ev comp, 400 iso]

I never really quite got the shot I was looking for here. I was trying to capture the feel of gas lamps on a foggy night. [f36, 30 seconds, 55mm, +1 ev comp, 400 iso]

Another throw away shot but Trevor liked it. I was trying to take another shot in the middle of the road (it was about 12:15 at this point) when a car came into the neighborhood during a 30 second exposure so I had to move the tripod during it. I mean.....these are orbs....ghost orbs at a cemetery. Wanna buy proof of ghosts? It's yours for the bargain basement price of $15,000.

I liked the rays of light coming off of the left corner light (you have to click on it to really see them). [f22, 30 seconds, 55mm, +2 ev comp, 400 iso]
So nothing really spectacular but it that is why its called practice. I wouldn't have even TRIED these shots 3 weeks ago before I started taking the Digital Photography - Fundamentals I course at UT. I am thoroughly enjoying this and can't believe how much control I am getting over this picture takin' box I've got!


  1. Oh Chris, I love these. The one with Trevor is so spooky and wonderful. I love all of the shots. I can't even imagine how good you will be by the end of this. Seriously.

  2. Ok, the first shot actually looks like a daytime photo in sepia. Very cool. The second one with your son - now that one honestly tricked me. It really looks like the postman, albeit a short one, but postman nonetheless. 1940s feel until I was reminded that you were both out galavanting in the middle of the night.

    Nice shots.

  3. I love all of them, especially the one with Trevor! You are a natural. ("Developing"...hahaha.) :)

  4. Hey Chris,

    I haven't been here in a while and I've really enjoyed looking through your photographs. I was 'this' *holding finger really close together* to signing up for a photog class at our community college but kinda chickened out (meaning I started weighing money, commitment & time available) Having seen your pics I'm inspired to maybe go for it next semester. I've just been super lazy and uninspired to take pics of anything around here.

    btw: The shot of the street lamps reminds me of that famous shot taken in Paris, you know the one mean?

  5. Very cool. Did you make Trevor say "I'll get your mail now govner. Cherrio." No? Damn.

  6. HEY! You're back to blogging!! Sweet! I was getting worried, what with the comments all the time but nothing for me to read back.

  7. Oh holy shit! I love them!!!!
    I did while away in Texas buy a new camera. Nikon 40. Still learning...
    Chris you have inspired me...I will try to get a few shots to show myself.
    Love tj

  8. The first one is so moving... creepy, like you said. It is genuis.

  9. For my tastes, you nailed these. I love moody images. I look at images sometimes and think, I wish I had taken those. I love the first two and the second one you were going to throw away, I think you should submit to a photo contest.