Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blue Sky Saturday

“People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don't even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child -- our own two eyes. All is a miracle.”

Thich Nhat Hanh - Vietnamese monk

A week of snow, ice and single digit temperatures gave way to a miraculous blue sky Saturday. I threw my gear bag over my shoulder and snuck out of the house while the family slept. My first stop was Rocky Point at Concord Park.

The only photoshop work was resizing all of them and I cropped three of them. Nothing else was altered.

Arriving Flights
I made a friend, although he didn't look so friendly as he charged towards me. I've had two Weimeraners and I swear all other Weimies know it because they always come running to me. I gave him a friendly pet and his owner called him back. A few minutes later something nudged me in the back as I was squatting, taking pictures of the geese. He just had to have my attention. He kept coming back every few minutes as if to say, "What are you doing? Doncha wanna play?"
Sticks and Stones

Camera Shy
Marina Mania
In class, we have been focusing on (camera puns kill me) using aperture and shutter speed to achieve a neutral light meter just for mechanics but Tom has kept emphasizing that is just for now for learning purposes. There are times where that is NOT what you want. I think I stumbled onto one of those times this morning. There was some haze early on.

"Properly exposed" subject:
"Purposed underexposed by 2/3rds stop" subject (I think 1/3rd stop might have been perfect):
Other shots from the marina
Oh Bouy!

Trevor and I went back to the park later today but the conditions had changed and most of the shots were for our family albums. However, I liked this one.

I Think We've Been Disconnected...
I snapped this shot of Trevor through a 12" long drain pipe that was stacked by the side of the road, waiting to be installed.

I thought I'd end with the last shot of the morning session. What a great morning. Hope yours rocked too.
Peace !


  1. I so want a picture of a tree like that one! That is amazing. I once saw a pic of a tree in the middle of a field and the guy went back every season and took a picture of the same tree. It was awesome. Great pictures.

  2. OOOh Once again, these pics are lovely Chris! I love the bouy one, oh and the one of the boats, and ducks ... even the dog. OH HELL I love them all.


  3. Nothing says HAPPY like a big grin on a dog's face as he comes charging at you!

  4. You are getting good!! I wish I knew more aboutmy camera. I put the setting on auto! hahaha!! I really need to read the book that came with it, three years later (gosh, that's hard to believe I've had the camera that long!)

  5. Chris, these shots are breath-taking!!!

  6. What a great morning you had! I especially like the shot of the boats in the marina, with the forest of masts reflected in the water. Nice shots!

  7. Great camera play.
    Thanks for sharing...

  8. I like your quote, your character expanded for me. I like the underexposed boat the best, it has more mood for me. I like the framing that the piping give the boy too.