Sunday, January 18, 2009

Light Box Fun

Since it was so nasty and cold this weekend, I stayed in and played with my homemade light box. I got the idea for it from the Strobist blog. I'm still struggling with getting the lighting arranged just right. It seems like my daylight bulbs might be a bit under powered. Anyway, it's fun to just experiment with this cheap, homemade box. My 'model' is something I found in Trevor's room. I call it "Death To Wasabi" (it's actually clay).
Here's another quick tip, this is one I came up with. You can use the base of a pack of blank compact discs as a low to the ground light stand.
After I had finished, I later saw the daylight glow coming from my room and had thought maybe I had left one of the 3 lights on. I walked in to find my 9 y/o with his camera (a Kodak P850 point and shoot) taking pictures of his model planes.


  1. This is so cool Chris....and cooler still is that it inspired Trevor to experiment as well. I just might have to try making one of these one of these days...
    And I love the "Death to Wasabi" model you used...LOL

  2. comments aren't working? grrrr!

  3. First I'm going to kick your butt for not telling me you had this blog. Secondly, 9 years old just made me feel FN OLD! Thirdly, I always love your pictures. : D

  4. WOW, 2 GREAT blogs. Two things I love too, food and photography, now throw a little music in there and you will be rockin for sure. Love the photos below in the earlier post and can't wait to see what you learn at UT.


  5. what kind of lights are you using? /netti

  6. No flicker compact fluorescents with a 6500k color temp.