Thursday, January 1, 2009

Shoot Knoxville !

This is a list of some of my favorite photo hunting sites in and around the greater Knoxville area. It will evolve as my photography does. (Which is why some of these photos are so bad...most were taken before I started taking the photography course and was just using Auto.)

Feel free to leave your favorite location in the comments and I'll add them.

Concord Parks ( The Cove, Rocky Point, The Point, etc)Subject Matter: Waterscapes, wildlife, skateboard park, sunrises, sunsets, and sail boats
Directions: Located here in West Knoxville off of Northshore Drive. More specifically, heading West on Northshore from Westland Drive
.3 miles on left - The Point
.4 miles on right - Concord Marina
1.1 miles on right - Rocky Point
1.7 miles on right - Public fishing piers (great sunsets)
1.9 miles on left - old bridge
2.7 miles on left - The Cove (great marina shots)
Tips: I like going early in the morning or late in the evening, when the park isn't busy and the marina is quiet & still. Check the parking areas out on both sides of the road.
I have spotted a bald eagle (Feb 2009) flying about 30 feet above the shoreline in the morning just after dawn.
Other: There is usually plenty of parking available at this series of parks which are all very close together (Carl Cowan, Farragut, and Concord parks).

Broadway Ave & Central AveSubject Matter: "Main Street", cemetery, church, architecture
Directions: d
Tips: There are a lot of overhead wires that will interfere with some shots. Be patient and try different angles. I like shooting the old store fronts at the intersection. Old Gray Cemetery has some fantastic monuments & statutes. St. John's Church offers some magnificent architectural opportunities.
Other: Parking is limited during the week. After banking hours, I like to park at the Regions Bank at the intersection and then walk towards St. Johns Church and Old Gray Cemetery.

The Volunteer Ministry Center is just a few blocks away so there are some homeless folks in the area. I've never been panhandled and have had nothing but very pleasant conversations with them.

Cades CoveSubject Matter: Smoky Mountains, wildlife (deer, turkey, black bear), flowers, creeks, cabins
Directions: Click for directions from the airport.
Tips: Traffic on the loop is heavy. Go on off days during the week and early morning hours. During the summer, the park is only open to bike and foot traffic on Sat and Wed until 10am. I find that is your best chance for getting wildlife shots and pictures of the cabins without tourists in the way.
Other: Here's a great write up about shooting this location.

American Museum of Science & EnergySubject Matter: Science, Manhattan Project artifacts, history of US energy sources, full scale atomic bombs on display
Directions: directions and website
Tips: Try to go early on Saturday or during the week. If it gets crowded, it makes shooting difficult.
Other: Flash photography is allowed. $5 admission. Plenty of parking.

Tennessee Veterans Cemetery
Subject Matter: Military cemetery
Directions: 5901 Lyons View, Knoxville, TN 37919 - Located at the intersection of Lyons View and Northshore Drive, right across from Lakeshore Park. If you're not familiar with the area, click here.
Tips: The military headstones are decorated on 4th of July, Veterans Day, and Christmas. Parking is free and usually not an issue unless an internment is in process.
Other: Be Respectful!

Pellissippi Balloon Festival
Subject Matter: Hot air balloon festival (Sept 25-26 2009)
Directions: directions and info
Tips: This is an all day affair to get all the great shots. They do two mass lift offs. You can't miss the evening show when all of the tethered balloons do a lake side light show.
Other: d

Frozen Head State ParkSubject Matter: Waterfalls, hiking trails, mountain streams
Directions: Directions on website
Tips: Stop at the visitors center for directions to the falls. Debord Falls is better lit in the afternoons.
Other: Wear comfortable shoes. It's a 1/2 mile hike uphill to Debord Falls and another 1/2 mile to Emory Gap Falls

Grassy Cove/Grandview Hiway
Subject Matter: d
Directions: d
Tips: d
Other: d

Alleyway Behind Gay Street Condos
Subject Matter: d
Directions: d
Tips: d
Other: d

Gay Street
Subject Matter: d
Directions: d
Tips: d
Other: d

Subject Matter: d
Directions: d
Tips: d
Other: d

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