Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today's strip (ha ha, strip) of What The Duck reminded me of a phone conversation I had with Brandi earlier this week. We were joking around that I should start a photo business specializing in bourdoir photography, so I could "really love my work".

Within seconds, I had ruled that plan out when I imagined myself saying two things in the near future.

Scenario A: "Errrrrrrrrr....uhhhhh, so you want to do something special for your husband for your 60th anniversary, huh?"

Scenario B: Me, climbing out of the bedroom window quickly with all of my photo gear as bedroom door is being smashed in, "What do you mean you didn't tell your homicidal NFL linebacker husband about this because it was a surprise for him?"

Yeah, I'll pass.

I am totally missing my camera. I keep seeing shots everywhere I look. I can't wait to get it back in a few weeks.


  1. You know what, I think Trevor is some crazy ass Ninja who is faster then the speed of light and knocked your baby off just so he could be your baby again. : D

    btw we have the BEST conversations. :D

  2. Awww man, now I'm totally having a flashback to the episode of "Roseanne" when Roseanne posed in lingerie for Dan's birthday or something. Eeew.

  3. LOL! I was just thinking Brandi was on to something, but you brought me back to reality FAST! ;p

  4. Just think of the level of excitement that would bring to your world! I especially like the mental image of you crawling out a bedroom window in a panic. Of course, in my version, Alexis is standing below waiting to kick your arse if you lived through the linebacker~
    I hope you're camera gets back soon.

  5. Actually Rebecca, I think she'd be more like the scene in Razing Arizona when Nicholas Cage's character climbs out of the window and Holly Hunter demands that he "Get back in there and get me my baby!".

    Alexis wants a Mini-Cooper and she'd see that side job as her ticket;) "You get back in there and get me my Mini!"

  6. But mocking those idiotic boudoir shots with humor, (like someone has spinach in their teeth) now that would be funny.

    Thank you for the link: I watched it twice.
    His words...just how real is that!!
    I guess we are all in this togther.
    Loved your entry. Thanks for the laughs..I needed that...TJ

  8. Tooo funny! I can just imagine that whole scenario. Thanks for the laugh.

    And I'm with TJ. Dude, you gotta get a loaner camera or something.

  9. Ha! Funny! You must be going so crazy without your camera! Hope you get it back soon.

  10. LOL!! That cracked me up. There's always a downside isn't there? hehehe....
    I can't imagine going that long without my camera. I'd die!

  11. Did you ever tell us what pictures you chose??? when do you get your camera back. I loved this post. ur just too funny, dude

  12. Wellllllll doggie!

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

  13. again me too! Where is that camera at and how long do you have to wait...gees!!
    Read your comment at Judi's about your dad's "WELL DONE!" I am with you...TJ