Saturday, April 4, 2009

Your Camera Doesn't Matter

"The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it." - Ansel Adams

Ken Rockwell has this great article about why your camera doesn't matter.

Our photography instructor, Tom Geisler echoed this when he pointed out that Ansel Adams could take a pinhole camera and take a better photograph with one shot than most people could with a top of the line digital camera.

That's true. But it's also true that Lance Armstrong could beat me in a 100 mile bike race if he were on a bike with two flat tires and a corn cob for a bike seat. The point they are missing is that Lance isn't going to enjoy it too much :0 :) !!!!!!!!!

So yeah, I am still using my point and shoot and I'm not enjoying it much. Nikon got my camera on 3/27 and I approved the repairs ($131.....cheaper than buying a new body) yesterday, so hopefully I'll have it back in a week.

In the mean time, I went out this morning to TRY to take some shots with the old camera. It's really frustrating not being able to manually focus, set a custom white balance, and I keep reaching for the lens as if I'm going to be able to adjust it to frame the shot.

Tennessee Veterans' Cemetery. The tombstones always remind me of soldiers lined up on a hill before the battle.
It's hard not to feel thankful when I visit here. I also hope that my children never have to answer the call.Play Ball! Glad to see I'm not the only idiot out in the fog at 7 in the morning. (see? I've gotten so over shooting this mediocre shots that I didn't even bother cropping out the score board on the left;) )I wanted to get a better view of the baseball diamond so I climbed up the steep hill through this water runoff and got my feet covered in red clay. This isn't a great shot, it just shows that a part of my enjoyment of photography is climbing over things, getting places where you probably aren't supposed to be, and having fun doing it.
This is where not having my DSLR camera drove me nuts. I found some GREAT spider webs with dew drops, the area was rotten with them. But the autofocus of the camera absolutely would not focus in the low light, no matter how much I begged it or cursed it.
At that point, It was getting to be 8am and I decided to call it a morning. I think I'll go start my first homemade pastrami (should be done by tonight), go for a run, and then get to painting the spawn's room.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Did you just call cute lil Trevor "the spawn?" lol goober

    I love the pictures of the cemetary, I don't care what kind of camera you use as long as you use it.

    These are great Chris. : )

  2. Brandi: Well yeah, I did! He's a good kid. We just ran 1.75 miles cross country, he had a blast.

    Sarah: Meh.....I don't think so:)

  3. Still some really nice shots. I really like the first one.

  4. You're getting out and doing the motions and also thinking about your composition, and that counts as being passionate about your work. Kudos to you. Like the first one very much btw.

  5. I think I can understand what you mean about it's not the same for you. On one hand, the pictures look beautiful to us just looking at them.....but taking them is part of the process for you. Just like writing is a process for me. If I don't have the right 'tools' with me, I can grab a crappy piece of paper and a pic pen and scribble the same things I could on my preferred methods and have it the read the same. BUT, for me the process is NOT as enjoyable, and not the same.
    Isn't there a movie with an eerie foggy baseball field?
    P.S. I hope you get your camera soon and NO don't write 17 posts in a rown.....I'd drown :o)

  6. Glad to see you're challenging yourself with composition.

    The biggest drawback of the less-expensive P&S cameras is that you lack any manual controls. The camera companies assume that if you're not paying for an expensive camera you want the machine to do all the thinking for you. Its a shame. That said, there are some great deals on film cams these days....

  7. You have inspired my last blog post and I didn't even know it. I loved your analogy with Armstrong.

  8. At least you're still playing! The photos don't look so bad to me btw. I agree with you about a big part of the enjoyment is climbing over things and stuff. Countless times I've made a complete idiot of myself climbing/crawling around to get that 'perfect' shot and it's a blast!

    Homemade pastrami? Mmmmm! Now I'm hungry! Keep on playing around with your point & shoot. You'll have your sweet baby back with you soon enough :)

  9. ah ha! kiss my bootay! I DID leave a comment. : D

  10. Well, I sympathize with your frustration but I love the cemetery shots. My camera is a point and shoot, and I've never had any luck with spiderwebs either. Must be a limitation of the breed.

    Pastrami sounds good. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day.

  11. Glad I found this. I struggle with my food photos and I have been getting such crap from another blog about it...I cannot do it all...writing and food are my passion, but it would be nice to have the photos look decent too...

  12. Gorgeous shots, especially the tombstones and the spider web!

  13. You have been busy, crappy camera has captured some great shots. Alot to be said about the shoot straight off the hip cameras. I loved the Kodak one I I am hing up on needing a new lens. A BIG OL' Lens...and maybe a macro. Does it ever end?
    Hugs TJ