Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And The Angels Rejoiced!!!!

Please excuse me while I do my happy dance with Godzilla! Feel free to do so amongst yourselves.

I just got of the phone with Nikon and they are done with the repairs to my severely missed camera. They are processing it for shipment now!!!!!!!!!!

Due to various delays, it has been two days shy of a month since I broke the damn thing. I'm so happy, can ya tell!?!?

Rock on, Godzilla!


  1. Congratulations, my friend!

  2. *Rolling eyes*

    I love you Chris, but YOU are a nut. I don't know how Alexis handles it. ; )

    (seriously though CONGRATS!!! I'm glad to finally stop hearing your updates hehe jk)


  3. YAY for the camera being on it's way back!!!!! I think I would have gone insane!
    and boy was I heartbroken when Icouldn't see the video..I LOVE Godzilla! He's my FAVORITE!! But it finally loaded for me and it was awsome!

  4. I know how hard it's been on you without your camera hon. Doing the Godzilla dance with you! (Hugs)Indigo

  5. Yay! That's super news! I'm joining in on the big happy dance too! Hope the camera arrives to you really quickly so that you can spend time catching up over the weekend :)

  6. I think we might be on the same wave length here, but I will resist and not go downstairs for that sandwich that awaits us tomorrow! I still prefer smoked to oven!

  7. Yay!
    This means you'll be back in business with the right tool. I know how much you missed it.

    So, do you need a lecture on how to take care of your things or have you learned the camera lesson of a lifetime? (just kiddin, I have no doubts you've suffered enough)

  8. LOL Congrats! I just popped in to see if you had your camera back. I'm happy for you!

  9. How the hell did you get a video of me dancing? You were at the party last month hiding in the shadows with a camcorder weren't you? WERENT YOU!

    Dang sneaky people. ;(

  10. LOL I have to try that today at work. Just can't make the godzilla voice though. Hope godzilla didn't break the camera to get on your bloggy. LOL

  11. Hey watch out for my toes...I am doing that dnace with ya! Oh how I miss YOUR camera! TJ

  12. Hey accept my face book invite AGAIN i got kicked off ...had to start a new. TJ