Thursday, April 23, 2009

Broken record fixed

FINALLY, my repaired camera made it home today, thirty seven days and $151 later.

My joy last week was a bit premature. My camera seemed to have gotten lost somewhere in the process. I had talked to 4 different people at Nikon and none of them could figure out why the repair had been completed but it hadn't shipped out yet. I was going to call them back yesterday afternoon because they had not gotten in touch with me as promised when suddenly the camera that no one could find for several days now showed that it not only had shipped, it arrived in Knoxville late last night. Apparently it did get temporarily misplaced at first and then in the quest to get it out quickly, someone never changed the status to "Shipped". By the time they figured it out, it had been traveling for 2 days already!

Anyway, had to take one last shot with the little compact, pocket point and shoot camera.....

Now if you'll excuse me, my camera and I need some time alone together;) ha ha

On edit: OMG....I just realized my camera is wearing "protection".


  1. You sick puppy. I am emailing them personally and thanking them for not keeping this baby out of your hands any longer. I think I myself would have flown there to get the damn camera if you hadn't of gotten it soon! :D

  2. Chris is back in the saddle again!

  3. Only a guy would of thought that one up...then again no because I totally got it.

    Delighted you and your Nikon are finally reunited at last. I know it was misery trying to wait patiently. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. Now that is paying TOO much attention to detail,i.e.the tree photo. Actually, it is hilarious!


  5. I am scared, my new Nikon Coolpix 8.1 megapixel point and click has its own eyeclops problem, and I have to take it in to the camera is a jumped right out of my hands and dab smack right into a plate of pasta...sort of like having floaters in your shots! I guess this heat wave we are having got to him... Yes he has a name too, just like you guys who name objects affectionately...