Thursday, April 23, 2009

I couldn't wait get my camera back in action and Trevor was wanting to go fishing, so we went to the public fishing area off of Northshore and Concord. Unfortunately, he got bored after an hour so we left before sunset started. I don't really care, I was just glad to be shooting again.

These certainly aren't the best shots. I was fumbling with the camera controls like someone who had quit smoking for 37 days and was just now ripping back into their first pack of cigarettes. But damn it was fun.

"Sure, I used to fish on the banks, but it's much easier to just sit here and steal from the fishermen."
"C'mon you two.....get a room!"
Trevor didn't actually fish a whole lot, the banks were more fun for him.
"Dude....I'm so stoned."
Different dock, different heron.
"A Train Runs Through It" ~ I think it's a juxtaposition how you have this great natural setting of the water, trees and stuff with a train track running through the middle of it.
Yet another different heron. This one seemed like he was racing the train or at least following along with it.
I'll get some better stuff this weekend.


  1. The two trees - get a room?!?!! hahaha, that was one of the best photo captions ever! As usual, love your posts!

  2. I love these! Great stuff as always, and very funny. You never fail to make me laugh. : )

    I wonder if Alexis knows there is another woman in your relationship ... and I believe her name is Camera!


  3. Ha you're in full riot gear! Loved this post. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. Trevor is such a cute kid. Ihave been carrying my camera around and not taking pictures. What is wrong with me?

  5. Fun Pics, and I'm so glad you have your camera back.

  6. I love your photos! Great work!

    Also, I think it may have been attack of the birds there for a minute. Be careful next time!

  7. Omg that tree photo and caption made me spit my DP through my nose! You are a riot!!!

    Loving the shots...Trevor sounds a lot like my son..wants to fish till he gets there then everything else is more fun than the actual fishing...and like you, I'm just happy for the excuse to be near nature with my camera! LOL

  8. Those trees...tsk tsk~
    Beautiful pictures and I'm so glad you're back in business. Those addiction symptons should wear off in a week or so then you'll just be naturally high all the time.
    Good to have your old photography self back!

  9. I love the one of the train!!! Then again, they're all gorgeous shots! (As always) :)

  10. What is Gods name is up with the trees! Maybe one to many laughing!
    Thinking of you...looking for the 400 photos you are going to post when the camera get back!

  11. I love capturing herons. Not as easy here, they always seem to hear me coming, but I'm always on the lookout.

  12. I was about to ask you if I could borrow that tree photo, and then fell off the chair laughing at the comment you put there!

    I could write a whole post on that picture, and if you ever get one of a 'train wreck' send it over :)

    My oldest sister is a photographer in Texas and since her father(long story) has been sick, she is not supplying me with writing material, her random photo shoots like this...