Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

So a bunch of blog-photographers do a photo meme every Tuesday called Ruby Tuesday hosted at Work of the Poet. The goal is to get a ruby red themed picture. Like 127 that I took this weekend:But living here in East Tennessee, I went literal and got the BEST RUBY TUESDAY PICTURE EVER on my weekend photo safari in Maryville, TN this weekend:
Yep, that's the corporate headquarters of the restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday! It's THE RUBY TUESDAY.

By default I have taken the picture of the ultimate Ruby Tuesday. BOO YAH I WIN!!!!

What? There's no "winning"? No cash prize? well damn.........


  1. I would give you an honorary photographer's award, but that would not go over so well...I like that theme...always wanted to do a door themed...oh you know...lay on the floor and take photos of door frames, kind of an architectural thing...okay that is why I cannot give you an award!

  2. Maybe we should just start referring to you as 'Literal Chris'... Seriously though, I REALLY like that first shot.

  3. Love your artistry in the 2nd shot! Cool... §:-))

    Yeah, I do love ruby too... who ain't? Am a real lady, huh?

    Cheers comrade!

  4. LOL! The ultimate Ruby Tuesday shot - the Mother Ship herself.

    I love that 127 door too. You asked about mine - the doors really were that red. I used "auto adjust" but that only darkened the photo a bit. It did add kind of a graininess too, though, which I liked.

    Welcome to the club!

  5. Awesome.. and yes, I think you 'won"

    I always knew that it was a store (a store right?) but we don't actually have them around here in CA.

    Nice shot!

  6. Yep! I'd say you won too Chris Literal!! Very cool!

  7. Hmmm, I think ruby tuesday's is a restaurant chain, correct?! I love the red door photograph, very artsy!

  8. I have run across this "challenge" for severl months now and always intent to play! I love the door. And you certainly got it over on everyone!

  9. Pretty cool!!! Have you shown that picture of the red door? I think I've seen it before. great shots though... have a great day..
    Lisa (lisita15)

  10. Isn't the cheating to some degree? I mean, you've got location bonus points! Oh well, the red door alone is worth mucho awards. Many~

  11. L O L

    What have I told you Chris, if I haven't commented tell me cause I hate when I miss out on your stuff.

    Grr on you and a wkw too!

  12. Haha! You are a winner in my book!