Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Morning Drive

We were childless this morning so Alexis and I left the house at 7am to go on a photo safari. We ended up driving 100+ miles to the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. Unfortunately, the 1,000 percent humidity was oppressive and the ozone impenetrable, so mountain shots were out due to the haze. Even with UV or polarizing filters, it is still to hazy to get a clean shot.
But I didn't let the weather conditions ruin my photo safari. I took just over 100 shots of other things as we meandered through country back roads (right at a photo per mile). I got some real "keepers" today and I'll post some of them over the next few days.

Here's one taken at one of the first stops we made. Alexis noticed this old softball sitting at the base of a lake side tree. To me, this instantly began the storytelling in my head.
I couldn't help but notice the ANCIENT pop top tab (what are those, 30 years old now?) next to it, so I thought this would look great as a black and white.
Which version do you prefer?

Update: Alexis read this post and pointed out that she liked THIS one better. Only a slightly different take, but still, which one do you like better, color or b&w?


  1. I like the one in color. Great pics!!!

  2. even as a fan of black and white I think on this particular shot, I like the color, but only from the angle that it's at... if you were to lower the angle on the ball and go in tighter, i would definitely prefer the black and white. I know it doesn't make sense probably but hoot! there it is! for what it's worth, my 1 and a half cents. lol and you are right, what a great story provoker.

    I love the mountain colors. so many shades of one color are still a great shot. In fact even would look good b/w, playing with the exposures. LOVE it. I know you and your wife had a great time.

  3. Gorgeous shot. I normally like black and white, but the color on this one is best. I think the color take best shows how faded and weathered the ball is. Really a great one.

  4. I saw that picture of the ball and immediately thought, 'Damn Chris, you've got a real winner with this one!' What a GREAT shot. Composition, Theme, Color... EVERYTHING!

    So obviously my opinion is, Definitly the color... I think because there isn't enough contrast in the B&W. (I wonder if you increased the contrast if it might work better?) However, the colors in the 'Color' shot 'read' old, dusty and battered, yet the sprouts of grass denote hope and new life... The other important color I just noticed was the red on the stitching, it's an unexpected shot of brightness on that tired old ball.

    Are you sure you didn't find that pop-top somewhere else and set up this shot? Because the whole composition is brilliant!

    Enter this shot in a contest!

  5. Well I'm with the rest of the gang and prefer the colour version! It's superb, and it was the red stitching that really grabbed me like it did Embe above :)

  6. I like them both, so yeah! : )

  7. Coming by the way of Chef E. The last shot is my favorite. Awesome!