Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tinted Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

While picking up a few things at Lowe's Home Improvement stores today, I found these cool colored CFL's from Sylvannia priced at $4.97 each. I couldn't resist.

I posted this black and white candle holder a few weeks back and it has become my favorite model because it looks cool and gives a great reference point since it is white and black. I've got to come up with a name for him. I was thinking "Face" or "Floating Head", but haven't decided yet. So the face is white and the back drop is yellow card board in all of these shots.

Anyway, here's one with just black light.

One back lit in red.

Back lit in red, front lit with green.

Another one back lit in red.
Again, back lit in red, front lit with green.

I had fun trying these out. I know I won't use them often, but they do give me an interesting option.


  1. Wow, what a difference some color can make! The face in blue looks sleepy, the face in red looks sinister, the face in green looks calm, pleasant, giving. Very nice color study - thanks for sharing. I think you should call him Whisper : )

  2. How cool. I am going out now and get the supplies, long over due!, for that light box you showed me how to build...are you making passes secretly at your followers...its okay we all come out of the closet at some point! Ha your closet has colored lights, how cool...

  3. You are so creative Chris! I really love that candle holder. If I ever see one I'm buying it!

    Love what you've done with the colored lighting here. I think my favorites are the black light and the one back lit with red and front lit with green.

    Excellent job Chris - Your photography skills are as amazing as your cooking!

  4. Wow, this is excellent. I could scare the poop out of my neighbors.

  5. I want a good camera someday (it's on my wish list)so I can step up my photo taking. I love the art - my favorite is backlit in red. Is he is blowing a kiss or blowing out the flames?

  6. Do they sell those at Spencer Gifts? I kid. I remember being a wee lad and thinking that black lights ere the coolest thing in the world. Good to read you again, Chris.

  7. That first picture looks like candy. I say this while I'm eating jellybeans. I can taste that. :)

  8. wow those lights r truly amazing, worth the price!

  9. Great photography, Chris!
    I have an award for you. :-) The post is here:

  10. Awesome! You really got some good effects with your new lights.

  11. I spotted the same lights at Home Depot last week. I'm thinking about trying some UV work with the black light.

    Have you found a good stand/base/reflector setup?