Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Morning Shooting

It has been forever since I went out JUST to take pictures. I left the house at 6:15 this morning with my gear bag and found out a few things:
  1. 28 degrees Fahrenheit might be warmer than most Saturdays have been recently but it's still damn cold.
  2. My shooting is way out of practice
  3. I really need to practice shooting with my zoom lenses again.
  4. In general, I really have to watch my shutter speed and focal length and use my tripod more. Using the 50mm at home under lights has gotten me too confident in handheld shots when I got back outside using a zoom lens.
  5. I still love photography and need to get back to it outside of the kitchen.
Water Hazard
Yellow golf ball frozen in the shore of Lake Loudon. I like the shot but should have used the 50mm/1.8f lens.

Martian Landscape
Actually is the exposed and frozen clay shoreline.

I loved the color in this shot, the sun was just peaking over my shoulder. I HATE the focus. I had been shooting manual focus before this shot and wonder if I thought I had switched back to auto. I don't know but this could have been a great shot.

High and Dry
I like the stratified layers of color in this shot, but it's a bit washed out in the lightest layer.

Lost Summer

This stump of a post embedded in concrete caught my eye because of how the water erosion has etched the natural rings of the wood out. I should have used the tripod more to get cleaner shots.

Dang, I have long legs at 7 in the morning!

The ONLY shot I took all morning that I really liked. At least it's the only one that didn't make me think I should have done something differently.
As disappointed as I was in the pictures, I feel like I learned a lot, or more to the point, "re-learned" a great deal.


  1. I love "lost summer" - for me captions add to a shot.

  2. This reminds me to go look for my 85 mm lens. So crisp. I like taking pics of people and it never fails me. Maybe because it's fast -- 1.4 I think. But it snowed again last night so I'll just watch the Olympics and have some cocoa. I like the subjects you chose today, especially that weird tree stump with the rings.

  3. I certainly wouldn't tag these as "crappy pictures"! Martian landscape is cool :)

  4. I always look forward to seeing some posts pop up over here. Not a bad round of photos at all for such a cold morning, who can concentrate on photography when you're freezing? I love Lost Summer, the post stump, and your final photo best!

  5. You must be one fantastic photographer if you think these pix are bad! I would be pleased to have taken any of them. It's good that you relearned, but it doesn't do any good to put yourself down! Smile : )

  6. Love the Lost Summer one. I think you got some nice ones in the mix there.

    I do the same thing, though. I go out to shoot and then am terribly disappointed in everything when I see the results on the computer. There's always something: not quite in focus, over/underexpose, why didn't I stand two feet to the left...

  7. Well I thought I was going to be the only one that loved Lost Summer but now I see I'm happily wrong.

  8. Hey how did you get that pic of the geese flying? it looks so like clear perfect.