Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I realize the next Project 365 doesn't start until 1-1-2011 but I thought I'd just start early to get into the habit. Or maybe I am starting 355 days late for 2010. I guess it's how you look at it.

It's a rather lame picture. Doesn't really offer anything in the way of composition. But it's "Christmasy".

I didn't have a lot of options today, the weather outside was oppressively cold and wet. It's one of those days when the weather has just sucked the color and vibrancy out of every living thing.


  1. Cold and wet .... seriously .... get out there. Fall on some ice and let someone laugh at you ... :D

    I still love it. Those are so cute. :D

  2. Yep, looks like I've really been missing out! Catching up though :-)