Monday, December 20, 2010

Anyone in this place?

Dec 20 11:32 am
Chris: Had to run downtown so took my camera and gear. Not one single click :( Just didn't see anything that caught my eye.

Dec 20 11:34 am
Brandi: :( so sad cause I am so shocked! We've got to get you back in the habit. Chris a year ago would have seen a delicious shot somewhere :p

Ever since she got her first DSLR recently, our friend Brandi has been busting my chops about the fact that I haven't photographed much of ANYTHING but food for the last year (not that there's anything wrong with that).

And she's right. A year ago, I found photo ops in EVERYTHING. What happened?

I was taking my photography instructor, Tom Geisler's advice - Find Your Niche.

And find my niche I did.

I spent my time in 2010 specializing in food photography. Which required a hell of a lot of cooking and dabbling in food styling. It was a slippery slope because it necessitates so much extra work OTHER than photography. You just don't show up and click. In the above picture, I created the recipe (over two weeks of testing), did the food styling, and literally, even GREW THE DAMN PEPPER MYSELF!

Other than that, the only pictures I've really taken were of Trevor's football games (he's #50). It combines his love with one of mine, so I had fun with the 600+ pictures I took of kids football.

Food is one of my passions and that isn't going to change one iota. But I definitely want to get back into taking general pictures. I want to rediscover that fire of finding that perfect image. And the only way to do that is to start carrying my camera around with me and shooting my daily life.

And what better way to do that than to commit to Project 365 for 2011?

So this is the last food picture you will see here.

And I call Brandi out and challenge her to commit to Project 365 for her brand new photo blog.


  1. And now I have to go do something about this crappy blog template....

  2. To be honestly with you, I only ever went to Nibble Me This to see your pictures. I don't even eat half of what you make, and I sure can't cook, but the photos are gorgeous!

  3. ha!! I'll try for one pic a week? Shoot daily, that sounds tough Chris! LOL I know you can do it though. I'm glad to have bugged you, I've missed your pictures.

    btw LOVE the new template. :D