Saturday, July 13, 2013

More Knoxville Graffiti

We went to the Market Square Farmers Market this morning.  It is located in the heart of downtown Knoxville in Market Square and Krutch Park.   The area almost appears to be a valley since it is surrounded by tall mountains of high rise office buildings in the distance, outlined by two story local shops and restaurants, and punctuated by thick shade trees.  

Farmers offer a bounty of produce, meat and eggs but that isn't all.  Local artisans bring in their wares of pottery, wood crafts, clothes, and food stuffs. 

While I was in the food truck area getting some almond stuffed dates, I spied some freelance artwork (graffiti) that allured me into a long shadow filled alleyway. 

The food truck section was a whirlwind of hungry folks.

Not sure what the connection is between a Native American and cassette tapes but this caught my eye.

The alley way

I thought this looked like Bart Simpson all grown up and working a life choking dead end job.

C'est moi

Alexis noticed this one was defaced by additional graffiti.  Ironic.

I think M.C. Escher might live here.

Many of the displays are loaded with political or societal messages.

This one reminds me of Salad Fingers.

Much more simple than the others but a powerful message.


The cool thing about this ornament is that it is "reflecting" the opposite wall of the alley as drawn.  Notice the creature above is on the right of the reflection.

Not sure if this is "real" graffiti or another ironic thing.

Yum...."mind preserves"!

Ummm....I dunno.

So glad that I stumbled into this adventure!

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  1. Love these, the owl one is so cute with the little mustache, LOVE the girl in the red dress. AND Totally in love with the ornament "reflecting" the opposite wall. :)